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Max  Schwartz & Yetta Families  in the US 1930 Census of  Bronx, NY

Enumerated April 18, 1930
Bronx, NY Location 830 So. Boulevard 
    Home Data Personal Description  Education Place of Birth   Citizenship   Occupation and Industry
    Own   Own         Age  Attn* Read       Mother Yr Nat. Spk      
Name Relation. Rent Value Radio  Sex  Race Age Stat First Marr Schl Write Person Father  Mother Tongue Immig Alien Eng. Occ Industry  
Schwartz, Yetta (Illegible) R 40.00 F W 80 Widow 25 No Yes Russia Russia Russia Yiddish 1898 Al No None Employed?
----- ----    Arthur Son M W 32 S No Yes NY Russia Russia Yiddish Yes Furniture
Schwartz, Max Head R 43.00 R M W 35 M 27 No Yes NY Russia Russia Yes Illegible Wall Street Yes
---------    Rose Wife F W 30 M 22 No Yes NY Russia Russia Yes None
 --------- Anita Daughter F W 6 S No NY NY NY None
--------- Sydell Daughter F W 8/12 S No NY NY NY None
  Note:  Yetta lived in separate apartment  next to Max
  Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Bronx, Bronx, New York; Roll  1470; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 233; Image: 674.0.
*Attend School or college since 9/1/29
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                     Names in US 1930 Census 

                      Yetta Steirman Schwartz, Arthur Schwartz, Max Schwartz, Rose Schwartz, Anita Schwartz, Sydell Schwartz

                     Search for meaning of "Yetta"  and found  YITTA (יִטָא): Yiddish form of Polish-Jewish Yetta, meaning "little home-ruler.