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Timlin - Marriages 1854-76

St. Mary's Church Haslingden, Lancashire

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  Date Groom/Bride Parents Witnesses
  8.10.59 Jas. Langhan S.O. John Martin Brogan
  8 Oct 1859 Mary Timlin D.O. Philip Catherine Cartin
  8.2.62 Anthony Walsh S.O. Anthony James Padden
  8 Feb 1862 Bridget Timlin D.O. Michael Mary Leonard
  23.5.68 Edward Timlin S.O. Bartholemew Patrick Clark
  23 May 1868 Catherine Langan D.O. John Mary Crean
  20.6.74 James Timlin S.O. Anthony Mark McAndrew
  20 Jun 1874 Catherine Dempsey D.O. Nicholas Bridget Flanaghan
  19.5.77 Patrick Howley S.O. Michael Martin Moran
  19 May 1877 Mary Timlin D.O. Lawrence Mary Timlin
  29.6.78 John Dempsey S.O. Darby Derby Walsh
  29 Jun 1878 Ann Timlin D.O. Lawrence Mary Kelly

Information provided by Church Office upon personal request