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Eric Zied's Research on the Megibow line

A great family historian, Eric Zied, jump starts Megibow research with his June 2011 email.

His work was critical in tracing the early Megibow travel to America.


I have completed reviewing much of the data regarding the family and I have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news. My connection to the Meshbowskis of Luben was through the passenger records of Schaje and Golde Mesubowsky, August 30, 1907 on the Baltic.

[Link to the actual manifest list on Ancestry http://tinyurl.com/mapavc6

They were reportedly 55 and 50 upon their arrival. Previously I had assumed that this was the record for Shollem Schakne Meshbowsky (1836) and his wife Gittel (1842) even though the ages did not appear to match up. However, I now believe that this was the record for the couple that would become Solomon Megibowsky and Golda Megibow. It appears that Schaje passed away soon after arriving as I found an index entry for a Solomon Megibowsky that died in Manhattan on December 18, 1908 at the age of 70 (though that is much older than the passenger record). You can write the LDS (familysearch.org) to request a copy of the death certificate for $2.

I can send the order form if you need it. The D. Mezibowsky they were joining, I believe was their son David (later become David Megibow) and not the Daniel in my line. This also explains why Hersch traveled on the same ship also, from Luben as I believe this was their son who later became Harry Megibow.

Now for the good news.

I believe that Solomon and Golda were the parents of Joseph in your tree. In addition to this passenger list, I found the family in 1910 (with Golda a widow) under the name Golde Magiborsky in Manhattan. Living with Golde were her five sons, Joseph (from your tree), David (along with his wife and 4 kids), Abraham, Louis, and George. Most (as you saw) moved to West New York, NJ by 1920 and can be found in the census under the following heads of household: David Megibow (including his mother Gertrude), George Magibow, Alexander Megibow (6th brother) (Abraham was living with him), and Harry Megibow (7th brother, was Hersch in Passenger lists), and of course Sophie Megibow.

They can be found in the 1930 Census under Abraham Megibow, Anna Megibow (Alexander's widow), George Megibow (in the Bronx), Louis Megibow (also in the Bronx, not sure how he fits in yet), Toba Megibow (David's widow. David died Feb 1 1929 in Manhattan cert #3875 - can request from LDS for $2), and Sophie Megibow (Joseph's Widow), and Louis Megibow (Sophie's son).

In addition, you already found the World War I registrations for Abraham, Alis (Alec?), David, Harry, and Joshua (a.k.a. George). In addition, I found World War II registrations for Abraham Megibow and George Megibow and Naturalizations (complete) for Joshua Megibow and for Joshua now George Megibow and his wife Fanny.

Other items I found that may be of interest, A Becky Megibow married Solom Baker in 1907 in New York (search for marriage in Record search on Familysearch.org). I found an Ida Megibow that married Bernard Jaeger in New York in 1930 (search under Brides on Italiangen.org) and a Samuel J Megibow that married Edythe Janowitz in 1935 in Brooklyn (search under grooms on Italiangen.org). Finally, there was a Isaac Jurowsky that came through the port of Philadelphia in 1913 that was visiting David Megibow. Note that Hersch listed a Jurowsky as the person he was joining, his brother-in-law in 1907.

So in short, your line and mine seems completely separate but on the bright side, I think you have a lot of new cousins to go find. Good Luck. Let me know if you need help finding any of the above and I can email the records to you. Eric.