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Patriarch Baynous Ejsiskin had two wives. The first, surname name unknown, had 3 children:Isaac  b. abt. 1881, Alexander and Fannie (Frayda).  Isaac's family has been traced through 3 US Censuses 1910, 1920 & 1930. The 1920 US Census of the Isaac Family is below.

His second wife was Sara Rabinovitch had 4 children: Harry Epstein b.1896, Chaikia (died in Holocaust), Dara who immigrated to Buenos Aires and Yosel who died in WW11

   Family Trees    History
     Descendants of Baynous or Beinush Ejsiskin - 2 Gens    Argentina Epstein connection
        Oscar Epstein Career and Life - Boston Globe  
      Oscar Epstein celebrates 65 years working for MA
   Vital Records    Census
      Hesped Benjamin Epstein b 1918  d 2004 in Israel        1920 US Census Harry Epstein & Fannie Family
      Obituary Adele Patick Epstein b 1923 d 2010       1920 US Census Isaac Epstein & Rose Family
      1940 US Census Harry Epstein & Fannie Family 

      Abraham Halpern - American Indian Linguist


 Overall Summary      Megibow Family History - Early Beginnings 1900-1930

   Family History    Family Trees
    Eric Zied's Research on the Megibow line    Descendants of Joseph Meshibowskaja - 3 Gens
    Eric Zied's additional comments and references  
    Megibow Family History - Early Beginnings 1900-1930    
 Immigration    Vital Records
    List of Mezibowskys Arrival in NYC  1906-1907     Obituaries of 7 Megibows from Genealogy Bank
    Schaje & Golda Mesubowsky Arrival NYC  8/30/1907    Megibows Social Security Death Records 1935-2013 
    George & Louis Mezibowsky  Arrival NYC  1906    Burial & Gravestone Information - 5 Megibows
      Abraham Megibow 1942 registration WWII     
       David Megibow 1918 Draft registration
     George Joshua Megibow Petition - Naturalization
   Megibow Census    Megibow Census
   1910 US Census 11 Megibows living together     1930 US Census Toba Megibow Family
   1915 NY Census George & Fannie Family    1930 US Census Louis and Sophie Families
   1920 US Census David & Alexander Families   1940 US Census Samuel Jacob Megibow Family
   1920 US Census Sophie Megibow Family     Megibows in 7 US Censuses 1910 to 1940
        (Helpful in tracking the variations in names) 


    Family Trees    Census
    Descendants of Nathan Miller - 2 Gens     1900 US Census Nathan Miller and Ida Levin Family in CT 
       1910 US Census Nathan and Ida Miller Family in NJ
       1920 US Census  Ida Miller Levin Family in CT
    1940 US Census Joseph Miller and Mary Megibow Family in CT

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