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Census 1841 Leyland  - Includes Chorley    June 10, 1841

Joseph Fox Family

Living with Joseph Fox and Jane Dowbiggins Fox is her father - John Dowbiggins and his family.

Living next door is 65 year old William Fox - Is he the Father, Grandfather, or Uncle to Joseph?

Enum dist 8  




Age Male* Age Female* Profession Born country
 SRD Chorley Township Withnell          
RD Brindle Joseph Fox 20 Ag-Lab Y
St. Abbey Mill Jane do 20 Weaver Y
  Anne do 7 mo Y
  John Dowbigins 60 Spademan Y
LDS Roll 0306912 Peter do 20 Cotton Weaver Y
ED 8 Near end James do 15 do Y
  Wm. Do 10 do Y
At bottom of census  page and next door is: Wm. Fox 65 Ag Lab Y
  Margaret 45 Y
*All  ages rounded to nearest 5 years
"Township of Withnell which lies on South side of the road from ?Brinscall to the Balton New Road
Raddlesworth thence on the south side Balton road to Calfkey brook including the great hill"  

Note: 612 People in Enumeration District # 8   On Abbey Mill there are 357 people and only 4 not born in  country. The large majority are  working in the textile mills. 

"do" means above surname