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New Additions 2014  

 Posting of Fox Family separate tree on Ancestry website     

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DNA Testing:  Although my direct male ancestors are English back to the 18th century, Y-DNA testing

 link me to a group living in  North West Ireland  about 1,000 years ago.  

The Y-DNA test strongly links my direct  Paternal line to the McGuire clan.

    Surnames connected to Fox Genome   Migration of  R1b  ancestors from Africa & Asia 
   The McGuire DNA Connection     McGuire Clan Irish Roots 

Family Trees

  Outline Formats Constain More Information   Chart formats are easier to follow
   Descendants of George Fox Outline  - 5 gens    Descendants of George Fox Chart 5 Gens
   Descendants of Joseph Fox Outline -  4 gens   
Vital Records
   William Joseph Fox - Death Cert. 1910    Albert E. Fox b 1906 Birth Record
   William Bailey Fox Baptism Record 1815 

 Lancashire England

Census UK Vital Records
  Tracing the growth of the Fox line in 5 UK Censuses   Baptism of William Bailey Fox  15 Jan 1815 
  Joseph Fox family in 1841 Withnell Census  

  Joseph Fox family in 1851 Census of Preston 

   Margaret Fox & son-in-law Joseph Smith Family 1851  Withnell Census History UK
   William Elliott Family with Jane Elliott UK 1861 Census  
   Thomas Fox family in 1851 Census of Chorley  

  Cities Towns in Lancashire  

    William and Jane Elliott Fox in 1871 UK Census    History of Lancashire 
  Joseph & William Fox Families 1881 UK Census
  Fox Residences in Lancashire 1818 to 1876
   Henry & Elizabeth Fox  Family 1891 UK Census 
   Henry & Elizabeth Fox Family 1901 UK Census   Occupations of Fox family 1841-1920 
    Edward Fox Family in 1881 UK Census    William Fox in ship register 1882
    Edward Fox and Lawrence Fox Families  1891 UK     Census   
Census USA  
  Fox , Reilly and Holbrook Families 1900 Fall River Census   William Fox, Henry Fox & Hoey Families in 1920 FR Census 
  Fox &Tunney Families in 1910 Fall River Census   Albert Fox Family in 1930 Brooklyn, NY Census
 William Fox Family in 1940 Queens, NY Census    Albert Fox Family in 1940 Brooklyn, NY Census

Fall River, MA   

   Fox Family Stories from Fall River, MA 

  Fall River History

Photo Gallery

  Pics of Albert  Fox Family   Pics of Henry Fox Family
  Ashworth, Hoey, Jean, Reilly, Tunney    Henry Fox & Frank Hoey families 1920 FR Census 
  Index to Fox Related Family Lines of Fall River   Mary Holbrook Fox - Fall River family album

Henry Fox b.1876 Family

    Family of Henry Fox and Mary Holbrook
  Marriage of Henry Fox to Mary Holbrook 1903  
    index to WWI Registration Cards

Joseph Fox b.1920   Family

  Joseph Fox Oral History WW II   Joseph Fox service in the US 4th Division
  Joseph Fox in uniform 1945   Corp. Joseph Fox May 16, 1945 - V  Mail letter

  May 23, 1945  Gripping account of the last days of war


Albert Fox b. 1906 Family

   Al Fox and Marguerite Morgan Fox -  A Brief History  Photos of Al Fox family and brother Russell
James Russell Fox b. 1917 Family
   Mary Fitzgerald Fox 1998 Interview     Russell Fox in uniform 1945
      Russell Fox WWII Discharge Papers

J. Gary Fox b. 1939 Family

  Photos Gary and Leslie Fox family   Ellen Fox - Stories, Movie Reviews, Entertainment
  Cantor Fox Epstein Articles   Fox Family Potpourri Index - just family stuff

Wedding of Steven Epstein & Jessica Fox February 29, 2004

  Invitation to the wedding

  Wedding booklet describing the ceremony

  Wedding Pictures  of Steven Avram & Jessica Fox  2/29/04   Wedding Menu 

Related Family Lines

Giebler Dowbiggin Family
 Fredrich Giebler b. 1851 5 gen Family Tree Outline    Dowbiggin History by Diane Main
     Dowbiggin History & Surname by A. Ruddick
    Descendants of William Dowbiggin b. 1505 12 Generations


  Research - non-related Foxes      Writings of Cantor Jessica Fox Epstein
     Writings of Ellen Leigh Fox

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