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Mary Holbrook Fox's Photo Album

Below are pictures from a photo album of Mary Holbrook Fox.  Click on it to enlarge.  It was provided by Mary Fitzgerald Fox, the wife of Russell Fox, when I met her in 1998.  Unfortunately, except for one picture, labeled on the back "Cousin Alf", all other were unnamed.  The originals I scanned were not of high resolution or good quality .. so they may be somewhat blurry.

I can recognize my Grandmother, Mary Holbrook Fox (wore glasses and always looked stern), Edna Fox, and some of the other members of the Fox family.  I have only guesses of who the other's were.

I expect that the Holbrook side is represented here.  The unknown woman maybe Mary's sister, Mariah ... and perhaps the man with Mary H. against the factory wall is James Holbrook and "Cousin Alf" is his brother ... but these  are only guesses.

It does give  a glimpse of life in Fall River and that the Holbrooks had achieved some economic success since their migration from England. 


Unknown with Mary Holbrook and child

Unknown with Mary Holbrook and child

Two older women

Unknown woman with child

Mary Holbrook with child on sled

Three unknown male patriarchs

Unknown man hugging woman

Mary Holbrook with father ???

Mary Holbrook Henry Fox family abt. 1916

Top L. to R. Margaret, Mary Holbrook, Henry Fox

Bot. L to R Edna, Helen, William

Unknown family portrait

Woman in a car with dog

William and Enda Fox in field abt. 1918

Cousin "Alf"