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 Many thanks to "Betheme", Elizabeth Melia, a wonderful genealogist who has greatly enriched our knowledge of the Holbrook-Kearns family history.

History Photos
     Surname Derivation    Mary Holbrook Fox's Photo Album
     Holbrook Fox History   
   UK Census US Census
    UK  Census 1841 - John Holbrook & Sarah Carruthers        Fox,Reilly and Holbrook families in 1900 Fall River Census
    UK Census  1881 - James and Mary Holbrook  
Family Trees Vital Records
    John Holbrook - b. abt. 1740  - 5 gens outline      Marriage of John Holbrook and Selah Pennar 1761
    John Holbrook b.1764 and Sarah Carruthers -3 gens      Baptism James Holbrook - August 26, 1811
    Descendants of John  Holbrook b.1764 - 5 gens     Marriages of John Holbrook's (b. 1764) daughters
       Death Mary (Smith) Holbrook Fall River 1892
         Death of Victoria Jackson 1903 F.R.
      Marriage of Nellie Holbrook to John J. Kearns 1897 in F.R. 
      Marriage of Maria Holbrook to Daniel Jackson 
Immigration Immigration
    James Holbrook in 1887 Ship Register    Mary Holbrook Family  in 1888  Ship Register
    LDS Record of all Holbrooks in Cumberland       Map of Cumberland/Cumbria 
    Not Related Holbrook Index    (Not mine ...but could be yours)    History of  Cumberland by Cambria Family History Society 

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