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Holbrook - Fox Notes & Story

Mary (Smith) Holbrook died in Fall River, MA on February 14, 1892.  She had a daughter, Mary Holbrook who was my Grandmother. 

Family history has it that Mary was born October 1880 in Liverpool, England. No record has been found of her birth and it is surprising that she is not recorded in the 1881 Census if the information is correct

.Fall River Holbrooks 

In Fall River, the James Holbrook family lived  at 48 Howe and the William Fox family lived a block away at 237 Crawford.  Mary Holbrook and Henry Fox were married on  February 12, 1903 in Fall River.

We know from the above census, the 1900 US census, and family records that James and Mary Smith Holbrook had 4 children ... John Holbrook, b. May 1872 in England, Mary Holbrook b. October 1880, Mariah b. February 1882, Ellen (Nellie) Holbrook b. 1875.

Mary Smith Holbrook parents were from Ireland and they probably immigrated to England during the Great Famine.  She died in childbirth in Fall River in 1892 at the age of 36.

James Holbrook was born in Carlisle, England which is only 3 miles from the Scottish border.    It has been described as the sometimes the last English city before entering Scotland or the last Scottish city before entering England.  Border wars over several centuries changed it's nationality several times.

In the 1881 Census, the children, John & Mary were listed as being born in Burnley  (see map) and Mary Smith Holbrook in Wigan, Lancashire.  The family worked in the cotton mills in Lancashire, England, and did so again when they moved to Fall River, MA.

For an understanding of life in the Fall River mills in the early 1900's read Mary Ferreira Santos - Life in Fall River 1904-1940’s

Additional information provided on the descendants of Ellen Holbrook and James Kearns.

Margie (Kearns) Foster shared the picture below and her memories of her "Nana"

"She was a dear sweet  Nana and I loved her very much."

She moved out to California after I was born either in 1944 or 45.  She lived in Benecia, CA with her daughter-in-law, Mabel, who was married to Owen Kearns."

Ellen (Holbrook) Kearns b. 1875 in Burnley, England