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Marriages of John Holbrook's (b. 1764) daughters

From Church records at Carlisle Castle - Record office

              Marriage solemnized by
Wife Status Husband Status Church Type Married by Date  Witnesses
Status S = Spinster                
 B = Bachelor                
Mary Holbrook S John Octain B St. Cuthbert's Banns William Briggs 9/16/1816 Her Mark X  (Sarah Holbrook)
          Lecturer   John Octain
              In the presence of John Holbrook
              Jeremiah Buckley, Israel Robb
Elizabeth Holbrook S George Tindall B St. Cuthbert's Banns Samuel Hudson 10/6/1823 George Tindall
          Asst. Minister   Elizabeth Holbrook
              In the presence of Thomas Smith
              John Holbrook
Sarah Holbrook S William Hind B St. Cuthbert's Banns Samuel Hudson 9/30/1827 Her Mark X  (Sarah Holbrook)
          Asst. Minister   William Hind