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Marriage of John Holbrook and Selah Pennar 16 June 1761 in London

From Ancestry "London, England Marriages and Banns 1754-1920 for Selah Pennar"         

Note:  letters in Italic were written on a form.

No 135           

            James Holbrook of this Parish Widower        

            and Selah Pennar of this Parish Spinster      

            Married in this Church by Banns

this sixteenth Day of June in the Year of One Thousand Year of Seven Hundred and Sixty One by me         

            This Marriage was solemnized between us   

            [Someone signed for them]     The X mark of John Holbrook

                                                            The X mark of Selah Pennar

            [Two witness signed hard to read signatures]

            John ?

            E ? Butler       

            Link to Ancestry Record          http://tinyurl.com/mvhndgz