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Y-DNA - The McGuire Connection

Fox surname DNA testing

To determine the "deep ancestral roots" of those with the  Fox surname, a  DNA project was initiated several years ago at FamilyTreeDNA.   Y-DNA is passed on from father to son exclusively.

 Based on my tests of Y-DNA, my male line of Foxes of Lancashire are classified as R1b1 Haploid.  That haploid group of humans migrated to Europe and then to the British Isles about 30,000 years ago.  Future tests may be able to determine the geographic distribution of the Fox surname.

Y-DNA tracks the direct male line only.   In five or six generations, my Y-DNA may be shared by a few hundred of related males (direct male descendants of mine or descendants of brothers).  The number of genetic genome cousins would be thousands.  With genome testing at 3 companies, I have found several hundred cousins ... but none with direct historical linkages.

Over a period of time … hundreds or thousands of years, benign mutations occur.  These changes (Steps) are passed to future male generations.  Geneticists can use these Markers to trace back family lines to distant relatives and their locations. The fewer the steps between one individual and another, the closer in time the relationship.

Family Tree DNA results after 8 years of evaluation

Nine highest matches are listed in order of closeness.  There is no doubt that it is the male McGuire line that I’m descended from.

In addition, my Y-DNA does not correlate with the DNA of those with the Fox surname.



        Most Distant Ancestor


 Patrick James McGuire


Florenuelle McGuire, born c.1800, Ireland






 Dr. Thomas James McGuire


Barnabus McGuire, b. ca 1755


 Joseph D McGuire


Peter McGuire, m 1855, McLean Co., IL


 Mr. Robert Emmett Maguire


Michael Maguire, 1829-1908


 J. McGuire


John Maguire,  c1816-1871 Co. Galway


 Ellen Quinn


Peter Quinn


 Bradley Hart McGuire


Patrick McGuire, b.c. 1790, Fermanaugh, Ireland


 Dana Lee McGuire


Patrick McGuire, b.c. 1780, Co Fermanaugh, Ireland

 How did the Faux Fox surname arise?

Unlike our DNA, we can change our surname by adoption, for personal or societal reasons or by passion – a love child.

The Fox family surname can be historically tracked back to George Fox abt. 1750 in Chorley, Lancashire. 

Change to avoid English hatred of Irish?

Most likely it was changed by an Irish family whose ancestor came over to England sometime before the 1700's.

The Irish fought the English for centuries and were conquered and almost annihilated by Cromwell and the Great Famine.

If you lived in England and could escape being labeled Irish ... you did so.  


The other possibility is that a McGuire descended male child was adopted into a Fox family ... or raised by a Fox family.


It is possible that a female in the Fox family had a child by a male McGuire lover and raised him as a Fox.

 What Next?

So far, the evidence points to a change before George Fox. 

 With the continued growth of Y-DNA and “Cousin” DNA testing, we should be able to more closely bracket the time period for the change.  Stay Tuned!

 Good link for detailed Y-DNA information