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  Ellen Go - Bragh

Ellen Fox goes behind the green door at the  1999 Chicago's St.  

Patrick's Day Parade Queen Contest  


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Biography Wiki February 2013


Ellen Fox was born in Dover, Delaware and she majored in English at Rutgers University. She then moved to Chicago where she wrote about entertainment for various newspapers in the city, including the Chicago Tribune. Ellen also took part in the city's improvisational comedy circuit.[1][2]

She acted in an independent horror film called Stump the Band, in which she played a roadie stalked by a man who intends to cut off her feet.  [3]

In 2009 Ellen Fox began co-hosting The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current with Brett Erlich. The show in its half-hour slot was canceled in September 2010 but continued as a segment in InfoMania.

She presented on the Sundance Channel in 2011, covering the 2011 Sundance Film Festival [4]

As of 31 October 2011, she began presenting on CW's early morning show, EyeOpener TV broadcast for Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami and Portland.