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William Fox     1882 Arrival in America

 His immigration papers state that he was born on May 24, 1850 and arrived in this country July 2nd 1882.   

Passenger List Batavia Steamer – William Fox

 Arrived in Boston on Batavia Steamer of Glasgow from Liverpool. 

 On July 3, 1882 the list of passengers reported and sworn to.  

William Fox is listed as number 64  - “Will Fox”

 Age:                                         22                  (Incorrect)

Occupation                             weaver

Place of Birth                          Ireland              (Incorrect)

Last place of Residence            Ireland               (Incorrect)

 The ship had 520 passengers – 495 in steerage and 25 in cabins. 

 On the ship register, the vast majority were from England and Ireland.

 Only 13 Americans were listed.

Comment:  As can be seen from the mistakes made for "Will Fox", ship registers are not the most accurate documents.  The registrar appeared to simply copy ( "    ") the country of origin and birth place of the proceeding entry ... right down the page.