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Mary Hoey/Wilson family in 1900 US Census of Fall River

Family Tree of John Hoey Mulberry St.
Link to Census Sheet http://tinyurl.com/aa7n9mq
Yr. # # Place  Years Mo  Spk
Name Relat. Month  Year Age Stat Mr Child Live  Birth Father Mother Immig  U.S. Occ Unemp Read Write Eng O/R
Wilson Mary Head March 1859 41 M 21 7 3 Eng. Eng. Eng. 1866 34 Cotton Weaver 0 Yes Yes Yes R
Hoey Etta Daug. Dec 1879 20 S Eng. Eng. Eng. Cotton Weaver 0 Yes Yes Yes
Hoey Frances Son June 1887 12 S Mass. Eng. Eng. At School Yes Yes Yes
Wilson Martin E. Son Sept 1893 6 S Mass. Ire. Eng. At School Yes Yes Yes
Mary married "Wilson" between 1880 -1886
She is not listed as "W" widow so her husband may have been away from home during census
1880 Soundex Card of John Hoey Family - Bristol County - Fall river
Hoey, John    Head   white  male   Age 28
6 ? Davis Street Fall River
Hoey, Mary    Wife    female  Age 21  Born England
Etta    Daughter female Age 6/12  Born MA
All census sheets in a Census are filed by geographical location. 
 A Soundex card is a summary of key information on census sheets with codes to locate full sheet.   
The location given was Bristol County - V4, ED 96, Sheet 37.