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 1880 US Census of Fall River

Note:  Mary Ellen Cunard (mother) is living with Patrick. Within a short walk is his brother's apartment

The Patrick and John Morgan Families -  1880 US Census of Fall River   
Enumerated 5 June 1880
Months Can't Father Mother
Surname Relation Color Sex Age Status Born Occupation Unemp  School Read Write Born Born Born
Morgan John Head W M 38 M 1842 Cotton Weaver 4 Ire. Ire. Ire
Mary Wife W F 30 M 1850 Keeping House MA Ire. Ire
Mary Daug W F 10 S 1870 At School Yes RI Ire. MA
Chapin St. Elizabeth Daug W F 8 S 1872 At School Yes RI Ire. MA
Patrick Son W M 4 S 1876 RI Ire. MA
John Son W M 2/30 S 1880 MA Ire. MA
Morgan Patrick Head W M 34 M 1846 Bricklayer 12 Missouri * Ire. Ire.
Catherine Wife W F 40 M 1840 Cotton mill X X Ire. Ire. Ire.
John Son W M 10 S 1870 Cotton mill RI Miss. Ire.
Wilcox Ave Ella Daug W F 7 S 1873 At School Yes RI Miss. Ire.
No 3 Margaret Daug W F 3 - 1877 RI Miss. Ire.
Ellen Mother W F 68 - 1812 Keeping House X X Ire. Ire. Ire.
Edward Brother W M 36 - 1844 Laborer 12 Ire. Ire. Ire.

Patrick was not born in Missouri, he was born in Ireland
Link to Patrick Census sheet http://tinyurl.com/a8rce57

He lived and worked there. see ad above

Link to John Census sheet http://tinyurl.com/aa6qmkBitmap


26. Note that the name of the mother tongue must be given even when it is the same as the language of the country in which the person was born.

Thus, if a person reports that he was born in England and that his mother tongue is English, write Eng.-English; or if a person reports that

he was born in Germany and that his mother tongue is German, write Ger.-German. This is necessary to distinguish such persons from others born in the same country

but having a different mother tongue.


List of family names in Census:  John Morgan, Mary Morgan, Elisabeth Morgan, Patrick Morgan, Catherine Morgan, Margaret Morgan, Ellen Morgan, Edward Morgan