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 New additions to Morgan-Silva history below.


I've developed a Morgan-Timlin Family Tree on Ancestry.  This may contain more updated information.  To access send me a request at jgfox39@aol.com and I'll invite you as a "Guest" to allow access to living members which I've left out of this public tree.


Many Thanks to Edward Morgan of Manhattan, NYC!  The Morgan history he developed  and shared in with us over decades has greatly expanded our historical knowledge.   


Census/US_Census_1910_Morgan_Connell_Tunney_FR_1 20_13_web.pdf

Family Trees  Morgan  
    Patrick Morgan Descendants  3 Gens   Outline  
   Patrick Morgan Descendants  5 Gens   Outline Elizabeth Senft Morgan Family Tree   Outline
Censuses  US   FR=FAll River, MA  
    1870 RI    John Morgan & John Blake Families 1875 RI    Patrick & Ellen Morgan Family
   1870 RI      Ellen Cunard Morgan, Patrick & Edward  1880 FR   John  and Patrick Morgan Families
   1900  FR   Patrick Morgan Family 1910 FR    John L Morgan family in Connell House
   1920 FR     Morgan and William Connell Families 1940 NY    John Morgan Elizabeth Senft Morgan
   1940 FR    Edward A. Morgan Family 1940 Bklyn   Margaret Timlin Morgan (widow) Family


Burke Family

  1900 FR    Thomas Burke & Mary Morgan Burke Family    1920 FR   Thomas Burke Mary Morgan Burke Family
Morgan - Silva Family Censuses  
1920 Provincetown Town,  MA Joseph P.Silva Family
1930 Brooklyn, NY Daniel Morgan & Frances Silva -  1940  Santa Barbara, CA  Frances Morgan  &  Wilfred Silva
Vital Records    
 Birth Certificate of Frances Campbell Silva  RI  Draft Record of Daniel Roy Morgan 1943  
  Obituary  Joseph P. Silva b.  1891    

Morgan Pictures

   Daniel Roy Morgan and Family 

Morgan Chippewa - Mary Sweum Morgan

   The Morgan Chippewa Connection

          1930 US Census Cass, MN   Jacob Morgan Family Chippewa

    1940 US Census  Pike Bay, MN- Jacob Morgan Family  


   1860 Immigration NYC         Ellen Cunard Morgan and sons John, Edward & Patrick

Oral Histories

          Oral History - Marguerite Morgan Fox     - Life in Fall River early 1900's

          Oral History - Mary Ferreira Santos         - Life in Fall River 1904-1940’s

                                                                      Vital Records

 Marriage Records

         Mary Blake and John  Morgan 1869

         Elizabeth Morgan and George E. Sullivan 1901

         Mary Morgan and Thomas Burke  1888

         Edward A. Morgan & Margaret Frances Greenwood - 1903 Fall River

Birth Records

         Mary Morgan b. 1870

Death Records

        John Morgan b. abt. 1847 Died 1884

         Patrick Morgan (age 5) b. 1876  d.1881

          Death Certificate 1904 Catherine Bowen Morgan

Draft and Enlistment Records

         John Leo Morgan WWI draft registration card 1918

         Enlistment Record of Alex Mathias Senft 1941

    Registration WWII Edward A. Morgan b.1882


         All Morgans in Fall River Directory 1883 to 1912

         Mystery of Missouri birth of Patrick Morgan resolved!


         1877 Map of Fall River and Ash St. where John Morgan family lived  (274 kb file)

         Fall River History

         Instructions to Enumerators 1900 US Census

History Mayo

         Short History

Morgans not known to be related

         Morgans looking for a home.   This collection of data may help some family historian.

         St. Louis County 1850 Census

         Morgans in Bristol County 1880 US Census Soundex

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