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                      Patrick Morgan Family in the 1900 US Census    Fall River, MA


Enumerated June 1, 1900              Conducted 21st day of June 1900

Residence on Chapin Street

Yrs #  # Place Yrs Speak
Name Rel. Color Sex Born Year Age Stat Mar Child Live Birth Father Mother Nat. US Status Occ Read Write Eng. O/R
Morgan Patrick Head W M Mar --* --* M 23 Ire. Ire. Ire. Not recorded R
Katherine Wife W F Nov --* --* M 23 4 3 Ire. Ire. Ire. 1872 28 No No Yes
John Son W M Feb 1871 29 S RI Ire. Ire. Bricklayer Yes Yes Yes
Maggie Daugh W F Jan 1877 23 S RI Ire. Ire. Spindle Tender Yes Yes Yes
McGowan Maggie Niece W F Aug 1889 11 S Ire. Ire. Ire. Yes Yes Yes

 Note: Census Enumerators are instructed to list all those who normally reside at the location even if they are lodging elsewhere.  All information related to June 1st of 1900 and it does not matter what happens after that date for census purposes.  Relatives living with the family are listed as part of the household.  The 1900 instructions are similar to the 2010 Census instructions in that you can use neighbors or other sources to fill in the blanks.  Since the data is only as accurate as the knowledge of the person giving it ... a young teen family member or a neighbor, there are blanks and errors in all censuses.  The doggedness of the Enumerator, language barriers and accents all play a role in accuracy and completeness. 

*Owned or Rented and Free of Mortgage (F) or Mortgage
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List of Family Members in Census

Patrick Morgan, Catherine or Katherine Morgan, John Morgan, Margaret (Maggie) Morgan and Margaret (Maggie) McGowan