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         1940 US Census          John P Morgan and Elizabeth Senft Morgan

Queens, NY 42nd Street         Date 4/3/1940                

House # 56 Household Employment Status
Age Educat. Highest Reside Seek Hrs Class Hrs Wages Other
Name Rel. Sex Race O or R R/Mo Last Birth Status aft 3/40 Grade Born 1935 Work* Work Work Occ Worker Wk 3/24 1939 Income
Morgan, John P x Head  M W R $37 25 M No H-2 MA Same Yes No 35 Teller Bank P.W 52 1500 No
       Elizabeth Wife  F W 22 M No H-1 NJ Same Yes No 40 Dough Pumber Biscuit Co. P.W. 36 576 No

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