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                Birth Record of Mary Morgan

April 18, 1870
Name of Parents John & Mary
Sex                             Female
Color                          White
No. of Children                 1
Place of Birth               N. Prov. (North Providence)
Residence                     N. Prov. (North Providence)

of Parents   

Occupation of Father     Weaver
Birth Place Father          Ireland
Birth Place of Mother     Boston, Mass 
RI Archives 70 Pg. 104 CT24


Note Family history states that Mary Blake was born in Charleston, MA


Charlestown, Massachusetts, named for King Charles I, was settled by English colonists in 1628 and was located on a peninsula known as "Mishawum" by the Native Americans. Originally encompassing much of its surrounding towns, Charlestown was a very large and independent community which grew into a bustling town within a few years. During the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought there.

At the time The Blake family lived there there it had a population of about 20,000.  In 1874, four years after Mary Ann Blake's birth, it was incorporated as part of Boston. As with other parts of Boston, it attracted large numbers of Irish immigrants.