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Celebrating Nora Gal's 100 Anniversary in 2012

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Anniversary evening and winners 2012

Century Nora Gal, an outstanding master of the Russian literary translation, it was noted on April 27 in Moscow reference library of Turgenev. To this date were timed exit books selected translations Nora Gal "April in Paris" and the first awarding of the Prize named Nora Gal for short prose translation from English.
Evening were heirs Nora Gal - literary editor and critic Edward Kuzmina and translator, critic, literaturtreger Dmitry Kuzmin. Edward Kuzmina, daughter translator, elaborated on the biography of the translator, which in any other capacity failed to fit into the literary mechanism of the Stalin era, and, as often happened, elected translation as a last resort (which became, however, good fortune). Dmitry Kuzmin, grandson of Nora Gal, mostly talked about the cultural mission of her translation work as well and is now associated with her name projects - stressing that today much of the heritage of Nora Gal enters into the living tissue of Russian culture, and not in its Museum Fund. Both highlighted the leading book Nora Gal "The word is living and the dead" - the well-known practical guide for translators, editors, and everyone who works with language: a few days before the anniversary of the publishing house "Time", released last two editions of this book, the seventh and Eighth, reported that the next edition completely sold out, and announced the launch of the next. Moreover, the word of Nora Gaal spoke director, translator and social activist Alexei Simonov, who spoke about her work as a heroic resistance to the Soviet carrion, not least covered and the element of speech.
The audience was presented that selected translations Nora Gal "April in Paris", prepared by Edward and Dmitry Kuzmin and published in the series "Masters of literary translation" from last year books published by the Center of the Russian State Library for Foreign Literature. Nearly 750-page collection is not just includes about fifty most stories and essays by various authors - thanks to the special composition combine text with a similar theme, these disparate phenomena emerges clearly look very Nora Gal with its thematic and emotional preferences over the breadth of style register. Gave an abridged version of the book title of the story by Ursula K. Le Guin - lyrical masterpiece of fiction, the story of the famous fragment of JD Salinger "in the boat" and two tiny little-known parables in Russia Georges Duhamel raised during the evening in ispolneii Honored Artist of Russia Irina Bochorishvili and actor Sergei Neudachina .
The culmination of the celebration was the announcement of the outcome of the Prize named Nora Gal. Speaking about the project, Dmitry Kuzmin said that the establishment of such a premium interested individuals - a very important gesture for Russia today is experiencing an acute shortage of creative private initiative in any field. It is important, according to Kuzmin, and what it says premium contributions of short prose: Russian culture must learn to cherish small.Among the eight translators whose work is included in a short list of awards, and were well known in the professional community of masters and bright newcomers (lead highlighted the work of Anna Psurtsevoy with wordplay and speaking the names in the story of Antonia Bayett). Excerpts from the works of all finalists were presented to listeners young actors Eugenia Athos, Artem Shevchenko and Roman Shmakov (Art Theatre School).

As a result, the first prize (30,000 rubles) was awarded the Eugene Kanishcheva (Simferopol) transfer tales of Rudyard Kipling "How the leopard spots" . Special Prize "For the special solution of the problem of translation" (20 thousand) was awarded to Maxim Nemtsov (Moscow) for the translation of the story Nelson Algren "She-bo" , which is a whole monologue petty criminals to communicate in airtight slang. Nemtsov, whose name and before that sounded on the evening (he owns another translation of the same story Salinger, a number of decisions in relation to the polemical Translation Nora Gal), said that the decision of founders Award - for him and honor and surprise. On behalf Kanishchevo, who could not attend the ceremony, the award given to the representatives of the publishing house "Octopus", which published its translation tales and nominated him for the award. "A good start to the second century of the creative life of Nora Gal" - summed up the evening Kuzmin, promising that the prize will be awarded each year.