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Cyrillic Spelling -  Подорольский and alternate English  - Podorol'skii

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   Family Trees 
   Descendants of Nison Podorolski - Outline format - 6 Gens    Klementy Kuperman - 2 Gens Tree Format
       Klementy Kuperman - 2 Gens Outline Format
   Eulogy (Hespid)  Anthony Podorolski Cooper    Russian Passport of Anthony Cooper Podorolski
   Letters of Carolina Podorolski (translated by Alexander Podorolski)     From Russian Wikipedia Nickolai Podorolsky biography
   Tracing Podorolski and Galperin families in Odessa   
Photo Gallery
    17 Picture portraits of the Alexander Podorolski (b. 1862) family    Pictures of Alexander (Sasha) Podorolski's  Trip to America in 1999
    15 Pictures of the Alexander Podorolski family    Pictures of Leslie, Sasha, and Marina and Anya Itin
    (Many thanks Sasha for sharing these pictures with us!)  
   Celebrating the 100 Anniversary of Nora Gal       К 100-летию со дня рожденья  Норы Галь

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Location of Odessa


Odessa History from Wikipedia   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odessa

Excellent  Odessa History at Jewish Virtual Library   Link   http://tinyurl.com/726ewqn    

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