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My occasional quarterly postings to those interested in Mother Sol and all the "children"  she gave birth to ...

  Sunspot Cycles, planets, asteroids, magnetic fields,  and the Blue Planet ... 3rd from the Sun.

Canyons of Fire

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Date Title Date Title
Oct 2014     Dark Matter Detected from Sun    
      The Sun has Flipped    
     Where Did All the Sunspots Go?     
  2013   2012
Jan 2013   Asteroids - Sol's Unruly Children Aug 2012  Solar flares are changing radioactivity decay rates 
Mar 2013    Cycle 24 Twin Peak     

Aug 2013

   Sun's Magnetic Field about to flip  
Nov 2013

  Sunspotters Canyon of Fire as Sun hits a peak of activity

Dec 2013     Sunspotters - The Jewel Box Sun    
  2011   2010
Mar 2011    Sunspots increase ... End of Glory Mission    
Sept 2011    Sunspotters - Always something new out of Sol  Mar 2010   It's Alive!  Cycle 24 low activity demolishes prior predictions
Dec 2009   The Sun is NOT Dead!    
Aug 2009   Cycle 24 - Blank is Beautiful and Cycle 25 estimates
Mar 2009   The Dog did not bark - Zero Spots!