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    Related Family Lines of Fall River, MA   Ashworth, Hoey, Jean, Reilly, Tunney

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 A brief summary of each line is listed below.  Go to the Surname index below to explore the family history in more depth.  

Joseph Fox, b.1817 Chorley, Lancashire, England, and  Jane Dowbiggin, b.1817 Hoghton, Lancashire, had  4 children - Margaret Fox, John Fox, William Fox (b. 1850), and Anne Fox.  William Fox married Johanna (Jane) Elliot (b. 1853 Hoghton, Lancashire)  The family immigrated to Fall River in 1882. The 6 of the 10 children who survived childhood were - Margaret Fox (married Frank Reilly), Henry Fox (b. 1876 Walton le Dale, England - married Mary Holbrook), William Joseph Fox ( b.1880 England), Janette Fox (b. 1887 - married Patrick Tunney), Mary Eva Fox (b. 1889 - married Frank Hoey), and Edward Frederick Fox (b. 1896 - married Mabel Theall).  The 7 children of  Henry Fox and Mary Holbrook  were: Joseph Fox, Albert Fox (my father),  Russell Fox,  William Fox,  Helen Fox, Margaret Fox, and Edna Fox.

 Fox Index

John Holbrook  ( b. abt. 1764 in London) married Sarah Carruthers in 1791 in Belfast, Ireland.  They had 5  daughters - Mary, Charlotte, Sarah, Ann, and Rachel, and one son, James Holbrook - b.1811 in Botchard Gate, Cumbria.  His son, James Holbrook,  (b. 1850 Carlisle, Cumberland, England)  and Mary Smith  (b. 1856 Wigan  Lancashire)  immigrated to Fall River, MA in 1887. The four known children were Mary Holbrook, John Holbrook (b. 1872 England) , Mariah Holbrook (b. 1882 England), and Ellen (Nellie) Holbrook (b. 1875 Burnley, England).   Their daughter, Mary Holbrook (b. 1880 Liverpool) married Henry Fox and Ellen (Nellie) Holbrook married John Kearns.  Click Kearns Index

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Patrick Morgan (b. Ireland abt. 1820) and Mary Ellen Cunard  immigrated from Ireland to Missouri abt. 1847, then  to Rhode Island in the 1870's,  and finally abt. 1880 to Fall River, MA. They had three sons:  John Morgan (b. abt 1845 Ireland ), Edward Morgan (b. abt 1847 Ireland), and Patrick Morgan (b. abt 1847 Missouri) Patrick married Catherine Bowen (b. Ireland abt. 1845).  John Morgan married Mary Ann Blake (Charlestown, MA) and had 5 children: Mary A. Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Patrick Morgan, John Leo Morgan (b. 1880), and Edward Aloysius Morgan (b. 1883) who married Margaret Frances Greenwood

Morgan Index

Bartholomew Timlin  (b. abt. 1820 Mayo) and Mary Cartin (Carten) had two sons -  Richard Timlin and Edward Timlin. Richard  married Ann Nancy Conway and they immigrated to Haslingden, England about 1850抯. Four daughters survived ?Margaret Timlin, Helen Timlin or Ellen Timlin, Catherine Timlin, and Margaret Timlin. They then immigrated to Fall River, MA abt, 1880抯. Margaret Timlin married John L. Morgan in 1904 and had 4 children - Margaret Morgan or Marguerite Morgan (my mother), John Philip Morgan, Daniel Roy Morgan, and Raymond Lawrence Morgan. 

Timlin Index

Leslie Cooper (Podorolski)  family lines

Podorolski, Kuperman or Kupperman, Schwartz, Sopkin

Alexander Eziekel Podorolski or Podorolsky, b.1862,  Novgorod-Seversky, Ukraine, married Carolina Kuperman and had 4 children ?Anatole Podorolski, Nikolai Podorolski, Evgeny Podorolski, and Eduard Podorolski. The family lived in Odessa about 1880-1920. Anatole (b. 1907) immigrated to Brazil and then to the US. He changed his name to Anthony Cooper.

Cyrillic Spelling -  Подорольский and alternate English  - Podorol'skii

Klementy Kuperman or Klementy Kupperman and wife, Sarah Kaushanskaya, had 7 children. Carolina Kuperman, Eva Kuperman, Evgeny Kuperman, Anna Kuperman, George Kuperman, Lisa Kuperman, and Michael Kuperman. The sons immigrated to Argentine and Brazil in the 1920抯. This branch also had relatives in Germany and Switzerland.

Podorolski Index

Joseph Schwartz (b. 1857 Vitebsk, Belarus) married Yetta Stierman (b. 1860) and immigrated 1890 to New York City. They had 6 children George Schwartz, Moses Schwartz, David Schwartz, Max Schwartz, Arthur Schwartz, and Rose Schwartz. 

Schwartz Index

Isadore Sopkin (b. abt 1814) married Ida Kahn and had 2 known children ?Louis Sopkin (b. 1861 Talnoye, Ukraine) and Hannah Sopkin. Louis married Eva Bootlekoff and they had 6 children ?Harry Sopkin, Ida Sopkin, Bertha Sopkin, Beatrice Sopkin, Morris Sopkin, and Fanny Sopkin. Louis immigrated to Manhattan in 1885. (Note: Isadore had a brother, Hersh Sopkin, and this line has been well documented by P. Silverstone-Sopkin. With a few known exceptions, all Sopkins in America may be related to the two brothers.) 

Sopkin Index

Epstein - the known line starts with Patriarch Baynous Ejsiskin and Sara,  Miller line with Nathan Miller  and Ida Levin and the Megibow line (most documented) with Schaje Mesubowsky (one of many possible spellings) and Golda (Gittle).

 Epstein Megibow Miller

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